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Intro. In order to have a good time and to experience a rafting adventure without any incidents and accidents, first of all, we would like to note that everyone is responsible for their own actions and that everyone should take care of themselves and their companions in the raft. You should avoid any unnecessary incidents that may lead to injuring you or your companions during your stay on or by the water. Furthermore, alcohol as an infallible part of every entertainment is not forbidden but should be limited to some normal degree for everyone’s safety, at least while in the rafts.

We have put together a FAQ list of the most frequently asked questions regarding rafting. It will give you the most important information about what you should know before you embark on this exceptional adventure- white water rafting.

•    What is the basic equipment that the organizer provides?

The equipment that rafting club “Alpha Team” provides is as follows:
- guides
- boat rafts
- paddles
- life vests
- helmets
- wet suits and footwear
- tents
- sleeping bags
- sleeping pads
- bus/mini bus transportation

•    Are the meals included in the price?

Each tour is described in details and if the meals aren’t listed it means they are not included. Regarding the rivers Lim and Ibar, those areas are populated and it’s easy to acquire provisions.

•    Some useful things to have with you on a rafting trip

The things that should be in your bag beside your personal things are:
- Wet wipes- a bigger package, that contain alcohol and/or “baby” ones (something very useful in many inconvenient situations)
- Sun block (the skin burns very easily due to the sun reflection on the water surface)
- Flash light
- Batteries
- Waterproof camera
- 2-3 towels
- If you wear glasses you should bring a case to put them in, or if you wear contact lenses you should definitely bring the spare pair as well as the cleaning liquid and a case for them.

•    How can I save my cigarettes, lighter, cell phone and other trinkets from getting wet?

A little piece of advice for the smokers: you can put your cigarettes and the lighter in a small plastic bottle, tie a piece of the string around the neck of the bottle and so you can put it around your neck or your waist… as you wish. In a similar fashion you can save all your other trinkets from being wet.
We DO NOT recommend carrying digital cameras, cell phones and other objects that are not waterproof into the rafts. Water tends to get everywhere and at the end of the day nothing stays dry!

•    What kind of wardrobe should I bring?

We will make here two lists of things: MUST HAVE and SHOULD HAVE.
MUST HAVE (if you are going on a camping trip): a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, but if you don’t own such things we can provide them for you. You just have to ask for anything that you need beforehand. Next:
- A warmer jacket ( it doesn’t have to be a winter jacket)
- A raincoat
- Sweat suit
- Some lighter wardrobe for warmer weather
- Clothing/ footwear for rain
- A few t-shirts and socks
Bear in mind that you’ll need dry and warm cloths after many hours spent in the water and  because of the terrain, nights are much colder. There’s no need carrying new and fashionable things, the important thing is to be warm and comfortable at all times.

WHEN IN RAFT: If it rains, keep in mind that your “rafting” cloths won’t get the chance to dry off for the next day, so we suggest you bring more of your SHOULD HAVE stuff: t-shirts and sweat suits.
A PIECE OF ADVICE: You ought to have with you some waterproof clothes so it wouldn’t be drying on you and thus making you cold and uncomfortable. In other words, bring: raincoats, synthetic sweat suits, synthetic t-shirts and shorts. ATTENTION! If the weather is sunny and warm, your exposed body parts can easily burn, especially your thighs and calves if you should wear shorts. In that case, you should bring:
- Hats or caps ( something that will protect you from the sun but something you won’t feel sorry for should you lose it in the water)
- Sunglasses ( the same rule goes as for the hats)
- Wet suit or diving suit (perfect for colder weather conditions, but it’s not necessary)
- Swimming suit that is worn under the wet suit ( there will be no posing in your underwear!)
- Little bag (a waist bag that can get wet would be ideal) where you could put all your necessary things.

•    What can I bring with me in the boat raft?

You could bring with you a little bag, a waist bag would be ideal, especially if it’s waterproof where you can put all the necessary things. You can put it around your waist or you can tie it on the rings on the raft.
As for the content of the bag, we can suggest the following:
- Energy bars in a tight wrapping so it wouldn’t get wet ( candies melt in the water!)
- Fruit (the organizers will inform you where you can buy fresh fruit)
- Any other kind of food that is well sealed off ( your companions will need some too, so always pack double)
- Lip balm
- Sun block
- Little plastic bottle where you can put your cigarettes, lighter and other trinkets.
- Water, juices, beer in cans or bottles

•    What kind of footwear should I bring ?

Although we can provide you with the neoprene footwear which you will wear during your time on the river, we suggest that if you have your own, you should definitely bring it.
As for the staying in the camp, beside the ones you wear, you should bring a spare pair in case of rain or mud.

•    What kind of food should I bring?

There are grocery stores near the camps where you can buy basic things and the organizers will inform you where you can do your shopping.
As for the meals (lunch/ dinner), they are organized in the camp at Bistrica (Lim) and at Maglic (Ibar) at very favorable prices. All you have to do is to check in with your organizer to arrange it for you.

•    Do I need to carry any medicaments?

ADVICE: You wouldn’t want some “little” thing like stomachache to ruin your adventure, so you should drink only bottled water and you should bring some medicaments just in case, “liobif” or something similar and a roll of toilet paper. If your health is a bit more delicate you should think of acquiring your own neoprene suit and neoprene socks.
You could bring some medicaments ( but there’s no need for taking the whole pharmacy with you):
- Strapping (the waterproof one’s would be better)
- Some disinfectant (hydrogen or alcohol)
- Analgesic
- Antibiotic
- Liobif or Flonivin (for the stomach)

You can get all the basic medicaments ( first aid), lighter analgesics and antibiotics from your organizer or from the doctor on the scene.
You know your own organism and your needs the best. If you are on some special medical treatment you have to bring with you the sufficient quantity of medicaments for the three days. Even more so if you suffer from allergies, diabetes or such, there are pharmacies available, but since the rafting tours are always held during the weekends it is possible the pharmacies will be closed or the one’s in little towns won’t have the medicaments you need.
If you have allergies to insect bites or any other health conditions that need special attention (i.e. epilepsy), be sure to mention your problem to the organizer or to the doctor and the treatment you require, so we could provide the right kind of help should you come to need it.

Note - all participant will sign written statements for taking the full responsibility for their actions in case of any problems and injuries that may occur, thus relieving the organizer of any liability for their own actions.

•    Is the camp site provided along with the basic sanitary conditions?

At every camp site there is WC and running water. Ask your organizer where you can recharge your batteries, cell phones and cameras.

•    Will we be able to take a shower at the camp site?

If your rafting tour includes hotel accommodation, the camp site on Tara or the private accommodation then a bathroom with hot water is provided for you. There are showers on Lim, Ibar and Vrbas but are still under the construction. You should ask your organizer whether the showers are installed at the camp site where you are going.

•    If I get hurt or sick, am I provided with the first aid?

Led by previous experience we take with us a well trained white water guide, qualified for giving firs aid.

•    Is the bus safe for keeping our possessions?

The bus is marked as a place where your possessions should be safe ‘til your return.

•    Where is the bus while we are in the water?

The bus follows the rafters always during their whole time in the water. Sometimes, the raft needs to be inflated or the paddle needs to be replaced or simply we need to take more refreshments and such.
NOTE: On your trip, during the bus drive, you WILL NOT be able to hear any local/folk music out of the vehicle’s sound system. Such is the organizer’s policy and is irrevocable!

•    Is rafting dangerous and does it require previous experience and physical fitness?

No! Rafting is dangerous by definition and it causes the adrenalin fever but the risk is no greater than driving a car. The guides are present to provide the basic training and safe steering in the first kilometers of the ride. You just need to listen to guide’s instructions and to show some team spirit.
Furthermore, physical fitness and experience are NOT a must, neither is the gender! The statement that it is not suitable for girls or for those with less strength is a misconception. Rafting does not require any more effort than any other form of recreation. The whole idea of rafting is to satisfy those with less adventurist spirit  as well as the “adrenalin junkies”.

•    Do you have any special advice for girls?

Dear ladies,
We sincerely hope that each time you’ll participate in greater number. These little tips are just for you ( be sure to forward this to your friends):
You DO NOT have to be Lara Craft to go rafting, but you will certainly feel like one!
Rafting and camping DOES NOT mean you have to be dirty and messy, sleeping in mud for 3 days!
If you are of more delicate health and susceptible to colds, you should consider acquiring something of neoprene equipment such as neoprene socks and neoprene suit, a.k.a Shorty.
For all information as to where you can get such equipment and if you have any questions at all, please contact the organizers.
If rafting trip coincides with your monthly period you don’t have to give up the action. Wet wipes, tampons and some analgesics should make those two or three days much easier for you. At each camp site there are toilets and running water. Be sure to bring with you tampons and wet wipes but packed in a manner so the water couldn’t reach them, preferably in a waterproof bag or a plastic bag. Also, it is not bad thing to have some wet wipes that contain alcohol for hand disinfection.
Ladies, you have to be prepared to spend most of the day in a boat raft, in the water. So, cold water could be a bit of a problem if your health is more delicate.
We’ll make several pit-stops along the way so you will be able to tend to your special needs, ladies. But you’ll have to be prepared to do it in nature. That is why you should have all the listed things with you.
For any further questions, of female (or other) nature, feel free to ask any of female members of “Alpha Team” crew.

“Frequently asked questions” was written and edited by Nataša Perić and Bojan Lazić.

English translation was made by Nela Bašić.

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